Opening Day: April 26

Thanks to everyone who attended our Vendors Meeting. We have set opening day for the 2014 season for April 26. Check back soon and often for info on some of the exciting things we have planned for our summer season.

We are still on the hunt for new vendors, so if you are interested, the application and rules can be found on the Vendors page of this site. Specific questions can be directed by email to or by contacting John Benschoter at 318-232-2535.

North Louisiana Farm Fresh, the umbrella organization over the farmers market, is seeking volunteers for the 2014 season. If you would like to help see our market thrive and grow, if you are a not-for-profit organization that would like to schedule a fundraiser, or if you would just like some more information, contact John Benschoter at 318-232-2535 or by email at if you're interested.

Market Info

When open market hours are from 8 a.m. to noon in the public parking lot at the corners of Monroe and Louisiana Avenues (see map below). For a weekly list of what our vendors will have to offer, see This Week at the Market. The Ruston Farmers Market accepts SNAP/EBT cards for eligible products sold by our vendors. For more information and to get SNAP tokens come to the Welcome tent.

Our desire is to always provide high quality, fresh, locally grown produce; plants; flowers; and value-added goods to Ruston and the North Louisiana region. Sign up for our newsletter below, or Like us on facebook (, follow us on Twitter, or keep in touch by email:

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North Louisiana Farm Fresh

North Louisiana Farm Fresh (NLFF) is the non-profit umbrella for the Ruston Farmers Market. For more information follow the link to our NLFF page, read about what we do and become a member.

Why Buy Local?

  • The food is delicious.
  • Spending your money where you live keeps your community thriving.
  • North Louisiana is particularly blessed with a booming community of small farms and food producers.
  • Locally-grown food obviously does not cause as much pollution due to less travel time.
  • Keeping family farms alive keeps rural landscape alive, supporting less sprawl.
  • As a tourist looking for local flavor makes your visit more authentic. Folks don't travel to Italy looking for a good burrito. If you come to Ruston, taste what we grow.

And if all of this is not reason enough, think of the health and safety of you and your family. Small, local farms are less likely to use hormones and more likely to raise grass fed or free-range animals and organically or naturally grown vegetables.

If you know your farmer, you know where to ask questions; the shorter the route from the farm to your table (at home or in a restaurant), the more knowledge you have at hand and the more flavor you have on your plate.

A very special thanks to our Friends of the Market. Please take a moment to go to our Contact page and note our sponsors.

Where We Are Located

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This Week at the Market

This Market is closed. We will open on April 26, 2014. Check back for information on what will be available from week to week, special events, and community fundraisers.

FYI - Tech Farms is now carrying local pasteurized but non-homogenized milk from Flowing Hills Creamery in Belmont, Louisiana. Their cows are not treated with rBST.

Interested in becoming a vendor or volunteer for the 2014 season of the Ruston Farmers Market? Contact John Benschoter at 318 232-2535 or email us at